Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NXGEN Payment Services Appoints Two Key Executives

NXGEN Payment Services Appoints Two Key Executives.

(Adam Montague as COO, Dowe Kaufman as National Sales manager)


October 2009, Whitefish, MT – Calgary Alberta – NXGEN Payment Services, a leading Merchant Service Provider (MSP) for Elavon Global Payment Solutions, operating in USA and Canada, has promoted Adam Montague as its COO and Dowe Kaufman as its National Sales Manager.  Mr. Montague will be responsible for all the group’s companies’ operations, and Mr. Kaufman will be responsible for managing and developing NXGEN’s domestic sales channels.  In their positions, both Montague and Kaufman will report directly to the President, Giuseppe Caltabiano.


“Adam has been NXGEN’s Director of Boarding, Underwriting, and Support teams, redesigning each department’s organization with a key focus on quality of service, accuracy when we pay commissions, and attention to merchant needs. Dowe has worked in sales for us over the last year and brings an amount of valuable sales experience, having previously managed his own group of agents, and having grown portfolios over the past 7 years” said Giuseppe Caltabiano. “The exciting part for all of us is that we are constantly managing to grow even in a period where the markets have faced challenges.  We are able to further fuel growth with these appointments, confirming NXGEN’s commitment to its customers, sales forces and partners.”


“I look forward to continuing to build on NXGEN’s core competencies,” states Kaufman. “Deepening our footprint, growing our Agent Bank and National Referral Program, and continuing to expand our different Sales Channels will be our main focus. We also have great opportunities for growth in Vertical Markets, and now, thanks to our own, into very large, national accounts.”


“NXGEN’s capability of servicing all our merchants, all our sales forces, referral partners, etc. while boarding new businesses both in USA and Canada is produced by the combination of a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals and state of the art technology.  These skill sets and technical abilities allow us to be fast and accurate in any phase of our processes” explains Montague. “In the last year, we have achieved the ambitious objective of becoming fully paperless in our operations.”


NXGEN is a multi-national provider of credit card processing in the United States and Canada.  NXGEN is one of the top MSPs for Elavon Global Payment Services through USBank.


NXGEN has been awarded MasterCard’s highest level of RAMP Compliance rating for their Fraud Prevention and Risk Management policies, and VISA certified NXGEN as one of only a few companies able to participate in their Tax Payment Pilot program. 


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